Design document

The documentation of the preliminary research and analysis required for the project. This is intended to be a faily clear explanation of how the project will be realized. Typically this understanding will be recorded in a design using some standard methodology. The purpose of this document is to present this design.

Data Flow Diagrams

A set of diagrams that helps to illustrate the flow of data between entities in the proposed system. The preliminary version of the entity-relationship diagram for the system's native database is included here. A context diagram of the system as a whole is also included for clarity.

Final report

The final thesis report in PDF format. The code, all in Appendix A, did not come out quite so well--limitations of Microsoft ® Word™ formatting for the final submission. The final code in a slightly easier to read format can be found here. I am working on reformatting as time permits, and hope to have more legible versions both in the PDF and in the C code file.